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The LVAG Gallery in the Galleria Mall is Permanently Closed!
New Gallery coming soon! 
Our Guild is still open for the Las Vegas Local Artists as we have been for 25 years.

Las Vegas Artists Guild



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Guild Member Update – Welcome New President

Update to Members - Welcome Our New President and Treasurer


Letter to Members of the Guild and Others,

 Dear Las Vegas Artists’ Guild Members,

The Board of Directors is proud to announce the appointments of Andrew Burris and Jenny Baham as President and Treasurer of the Las Vegas Artists’ Guild, effective June 21, 2023. Andrew and Jenny are both qualified and excited to begin their new roles with the assistance of outgoing President, Sylvia Aldebol, and Treasurer, Jane Worrell. Both new appointments were unanimously supported by the Board and will bring new visions and strengths to continue with the legacy of the Guild.

Four of the current board members – Lin Berger, 2nd Vice President, Lin Pacific, Webmaster & Trustee, Kyle Fogarty, Trustee and Bobby Maxvill, Trustee will be continuing in their positions to help with the transition and into the future. As Priscilla Rogers has also stepped down, Andrew Burris will be looking to fill the 1st Vice President’s position as well as others so be sure to contact him directly if you are interested. Both new Board Members have art and business experience and are prepared to lead the Las Vegas Artists’ Guild into the future. As an active Board, we are all volunteers, and it is our greatest hope that LVAG membership will give the new Board Members the help and support they need to continue to make the Guild successful sharing our motto of “Artists Helping Artists”.


The Board of Directors for the Las Vegas Artists’ Guild

Thank you for all your support and kindness:

Bash and Design Youth Gallery Exhibition – Apr 1st, from 5pm-7pm

Youth Exhibition Meet and Greet

Las Vegas Artists’ Guild invites you to our

“Bash and Design Gallery Youth Exhibition”

Saturday, April 1st, from 5pm-7pm.

We are excited to announce that we have invited the Bash & Design Gallery to participate in an event focused on a new generation of artists in Las Vegas.  

Part of the mission of the Las Vegas Art Guild is to bring to the public’s attention young and emerging artists. So what could be more fitting than to introduce to our members and  our community students from the youth program at Bash & Design Gallery?  

We feel that this collaboration between our two non-profit organizations will create an opportunity for young and developing artists to show their work to a greater audience and to experience the excitement of seeing their work shown to the general public. At the same time, we hopefully will be creating a greater feeling of community between the galleries and developing new connections and a greater sense of unity in the Las Vegas Art world.  

We look forward to seeing the work of 22 young artists at our upcoming reception on Saturday, April 1st, 5-7pm.  

Please join us to make these young people feel welcomed and respected for their artistic ambitions!  

  1. Packaged snacks
  2. Appetizers
  3. Bottled beverages
  4. Music and more!


The Las Vegas Artists’ Guild is a non-profit group of artists helping artists every day.

Our gallery is open inside the Galleria Mall on Sunset,

Monday through Thursday 11am to 7pm,
Fridays and Saturdays 10am to 8pm and
Sundays 12am to 6pm.
Become a member online or in person in the Gallery and participate in all of our shows and events. 
Enjoy informative classes and artists talks. 
Want to teach a class or do LIVE ART? 
Contact us and share your skill.


LVAG Gallery in the Galleria at Sunset Mall
Upstairs next to Dillard’s
1300 W. Sunset Road, Ste. 2109
Henderson, NV 89014

LVAG Featured Artists Lingling Zhao – March 25th, 2023

Come Join Our Meet and Greet at the Gallery....

The LVAG Is Celebrating Leadership with Our Featured Artists for March 2023:
Lingling Zhao

Please join us this Saturday, March 25th, 2023, 4pm – 7pm, at the LVAG Gallery, located inside the Galleria at Sunset, upstairs next to Dillard’s.

Come and see our beautiful Handmade Jewelry and Featured Art hanging on the wall, and meet and mingle with our local LVAG Artists. 

Our beautiful LVAG Gallery Featured Collection for this new 2023 year is a great one. It’s the best place to get your hand-crafted paintings and jewelry from our LVAG artists. This year we have more beautiful handcrafted one-of-a-kind wall decor and custom jewelry for your browsing pleasure and if you buy something we thank you so much for supporting your local artists. The sheer volume of our Gallery Gift Shop offerings offers you unique treasures to hang on your walls. Buy some LVAG Art Galley Gift Shop!

This is a collection that can’t be missed. So, be sure to save the date and we’ll see you there!

  • • Packaged snacks
  • • Bottled beverages
  • • Wine
  • • Music and more!

Las Vegas Artists’ Guild

Upstairs in the Galleria at Sunset

1300 W Sunset Rd.

Suite 2109

Henderson, NV 89014


Featured Artist Application

LVAG Art Tile Art Workshop

Tile Art Workshop, April 8th, 2023

Bobbie Maxvill, LVAG Tile Artist, is hosting an Art Workshop where you can make your own artistic tile or tiles. This is an exclusive art form and we are so honored to have Bobbie offer this Tile Art Workshop. She works in the Cuerda Seca technique which allows you to go home with beautiful tile art that you made yourself. 

Spaces are limited. Register for the workshop at the Gallery.

Bobbie will provide all the tiles, glazes, and tools included in the $35 cost of the Workshop. The Tile Workshop will be held in our LVAG Gallery and Gift Shop at the Galleria Mall upstairs next to Dillards.

Artistic Tile Creation Workshop

April 8th, 2023, 10am – 1pm
LVAG Gallery Gift Shop, Galleria Mall, Henderson

About Our Workshop Artist

Bobbie Maxvill, our tile artist, loves using the Cuerda Seca technique to adapt her designs into separate areas of glazed colors on the ceramic, terra cotta, and bisque tiles that can be used as functional works of art to be used throughout the home and patio.

Important Workshop Info

Workshop Date: April 8th, 2023

Workshop Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm 

Workshop Cost: $35 per person per class

Supplies: Will Be Provided

Gallery Location

LVAG Gallery (in the Galleria at Sunset)
1300 W. Sunset Rd. Suite 2109
Henderson, NV 89014

Volunteer at the Gallery

The LVAG Gallery is 100% operated by volunteers. We need everyone’s participation to keep the Gallery open during regular mall hours. Trained volunteers may bring in and sell extra artwork while volunteering at the gallery with no gallery commission fees!

LVAG Volunteer of the Month – October 22 – Joyce Owens

LVAG Volunteer of the Month of October 22 - Joyce Owens

The LVAG is proud to announce our Volunteer of the Month for October 2022 – Joyce Owens, with 41 hours volunteering in our LVAG gallery. Joyce is a very special volunteer, helpful, and talented artist. Her art pieces bring messages of hope and self enlightenment. She is always ready to help in the gallery and support events like the Saturday Night Live. We appreciate her friendship and all she does for the Guild. 

You are a true blessing!

LVAG Volunteer of the Month – September 22 – Robert Brown

LVAG Volunteer of the Month of September 22 - Robert Brown

The LVAG is proud to announce our Volunteer of the Month for September 2022 – Robert Brown with 37.25 hours volunteering in our LVAG gallery. He is an exceptional volunteer and craftsman. He creates the most elegant and beautiful pens using fine woods. He attends the Gallery on Fridays, he greets at every LVAG Event and he is always there to help, every time we need him. We appreciate his friendship and all he does for the Guild.

Cheers Bob!!!

LVAG Volunteer of the Year 2022 – Rob Rich

LVAG Volunteer of the Year 2022 - Robert Rich

The LVAG is proud to announce our Volunteer of the Year for 2022 – Robert Rich with many, many hours volunteering in our LVAG gallery this year. We would like to pay a special tribute to his kindness and his great art. He would paint live in the gallery every time he volunteered and many visitors got to see him in action as he painted his oils. He is a wonderful artist and a helpful, kind-hearted volunteer. He is always ready to help every week and on all the installation days. He has beautiful oil paintings that are always present in all our exhibitions. We are so proud of his talents and lucky to have him on our Volunteer Team!

Thank you Bob for your dedication and continued support. You are a fabulous example of “Artists Helping Artists”.

Guild Member Update Letter – Mall Gallery Closed

Update to our Guild Members - Mall Gallery Closed

Letter to Members of the Guild and Others,

 Watch This Space – We will keep you updated

Thank you for all your support and kindness:

Mall Gallery Closing – April End Deadline

Mall Gallery Closing - April End, 2023 deadline

Mall Gallery Closing end of April 2023

Dear Members and Others,

The Galleria At Sunset Mall management company, Brookfield Properties, has canceled our lease and given us 30 days to vacate the Las Vegas Artists’ Gallery.

This was a terrible blow and shock to the LVAG Board of Directors when we were informed of this on Tuesday afternoon, April 4th, 2023. Members of the Board met with representatives of the management company on April 5th. They offered other locations but the locations offered did not fit our business needs.

The Las Vegas Artists Guild will continue but in a different format right now. We will look for a new location in the coming months but until we can find something, we will have to re-group and morph into something different. Our focus for the next month is to do our best to take care of our artists while packing up and moving out.

Sylvia Aldebol
President – Las Vegas Artist Guild

In the meantime, we have some very urgent tasks:

  • We will keep the Gallery open and have volunteers working until April 22 to take advantage of possible sales of artwork for our artists.
  • We will return all artwork to our members on Sunday, April 23 from 11-4:00 pm so please save that date. If you have any issues with this date, please let a Board Member know so we can work out a solution.
  •  We will process a prorated refund for our artists so you will get some of your money back for the unused intake period after April 23, 2023.
  • We need to get a large storage unit to house all the fixtures from our current Gallery.
  •  We need to pack, label, and transport all the “business” parts of the Gallery to our temporary storage facility.
  • We will be keeping the members updated with dates for moving to the new storage location.
  • We will continue sending emails with more information on new events, workshops, special projects, and updates for the future.
  • We will need as much help as we can from our members to accomplish all these monumental tasks. 
  • We are also asking that everyone be kind and patient with each other as this is an upsetting time for all of us at the Las Vegas Artists’ Gallery and Guild. 

Thank you for all your support and kindness:

Important Dates: