Alena Dawn at the LVAG Gallery

First off I just love being in the gallery because of all the amazing and inspiring artwork in there. I’m constantly learning from other artists techniques and out of the box creative ideas while I’m there. I love supporting and keeping the gallery going it really is a blessing to be part of the guild and have the opportunity to get my work out there more. It’s nice making an occasional sale commission free and getting my work in the community letting more people know about my art. Since I don’t have a studio other than at home, it’s nice to have somewhere else to go to create new work. I feel like it helps me keep on track with my goals. The gallery is also great for networking, meeting other artists and learning more about other potential art opportunities. The gallery is run by so many great people and has such a positive energy in the space I feel peaceful and super happy when I am there.

– Alena Dawn

Thank you to our featured volunteer, Alena Dawn – we appreciate your help in the gallery!

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