LVAG Volunteer of the Month – September 22 – Robert Brown

LVAG Volunteer of the Month of September 22 - Robert Brown

The LVAG is proud to announce our Volunteer of the Month for September 2022 – Robert Brown with 37.25 hours volunteering in our LVAG gallery. He is an exceptional volunteer and craftsman. He creates the most elegant and beautiful pens using fine woods. He attends the Gallery on Fridays, he greets at every LVAG Event and he is always there to help, every time we need him. We appreciate his friendship and all he does for the Guild.

Cheers Bob!!!

LVAG Volunteer of the Year 2022 – Rob Rich

LVAG Volunteer of the Year 2022 - Robert Rich

The LVAG is proud to announce our Volunteer of the Year for 2022 – Robert Rich with many, many hours volunteering in our LVAG gallery this year. We would like to pay a special tribute to his kindness and his great art. He would paint live in the gallery every time he volunteered and many visitors got to see him in action as he painted his oils. He is a wonderful artist and a helpful, kind-hearted volunteer. He is always ready to help every week and on all the installation days. He has beautiful oil paintings that are always present in all our exhibitions. We are so proud of his talents and lucky to have him on our Volunteer Team!

Thank you Bob for your dedication and continued support. You are a fabulous example of “Artists Helping Artists”.

LVAG Featured Artist – Linda Rodenberger – October 22

Meet Linda at our Meet and Greet at the Gallery....

The LVAG Presents Our Featured Artist, Meegan Boiros

Please join us this Saturday, October 22nd, 2022, 2pm – 4pm, at the LVAG gallery, located inside the Galleria at Sunset, upstairs next to Dillard’s.

Come and see Linda’s beautiful jewelry art framed to hang on the wall and meet the lovely jewery artist. 

Linda has a fine skill for placing beautiful costume jewelry pieces into a frame to make lovely luxury picture art. This is the biggest collection and show of her wonderful art. The sheer volume of her lovely art inspires us to consider jewelry to be more than small items to adorn the body but can be brought together to make lovely art to adorn our walls too.

This is a collection that can’t be missed. So, be sure to save the date and we’ll see you there!

  • • Packaged snacks
  • • Bottled beverages
  • • Wine
  • • Music and more!

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