Book a pop-up show in the LVAG Gallery!

Members have the opportunity to apply to have their own pop-up show in the LVAG gallery at the Galleria Mall. To book a Pop-Up show, please fill out the form below.

Pop-Up Artists Will Receive:
  • A space to set up without any extra fee
  • A table, with black table cloth, and a chair 
  • Two grid systems with hanging hooks (Please have work “ready to hang”) – No hanging on walls
  • Artist is to provide their OWN Petty Cash and their OWN Card reader
  • Artist gets to keep 100% of their sales from their Pop-Up Show
Pop-Up Show Requirements:
  • Artist must be a current member of the LVAG and must abide to the LVAG intake guidelines, (posted on the LVAG website) 
  • First come, first to show – to get on the calendar book asap!
  • Time: 12:30pm set up time, 5:30pm break down time (must clean up afterwards)
  • Artist is urged to promote their show, bring business cards, social media 
  • Artist is responsible for inventory, sales inventory, labels and tags of their work 
  • Family-friendly content (no nudity, politics, religion)
  • Artist is responsible for their show, NOT the gallery attendant
  • LVAG is NOT, responsible for any prior, during, or post damage to the Pop-Up artist’s inventory 
  • Artist IS responsible for any damage caused to the LVAG Gallery infrastructures, including the art of other artists’ work inside the gallery

Load in entry is at the back, upper level between Khol’s and Dillard’s. There are freight doors there, follow Kohl’s arrows out into mall: left, left, LVAG on the left. 

Please reach out to with any questions.

    Pop-Up Artist Application Form

    Pop-Up Artist must agree to LVAG gallery intake and sales terms.
    I agree to all LVAG Gallery Intake Guidelines and Sales.