Book a pop-up show in the LVAG Gallery!

Members have the opportunity to apply to have their own pop-up show in the LVAG gallery at the Galleria Mall. To book a Pop-Up show, please fill out the form below.

Pop-Up Artists Will Receive:
  • A space to set up without any extra fee.
  • One 4′ table, with black table cloth, and a chair will be provided if needed. 
  • One grid system with hanging hooks (Please have work “ready to hang”) – No hanging on walls.
  • Artists are to provide their OWN Petty Cash and their OWN Credit Card reader. (MOP)
  • Artist keeps 100% of their sales from their Pop-Up Show. (this does not include any existing inventoried work)
Pop-Up Show Requirements:
  • Artist must be a current member in good standing of the LVAG and must abide to the LVAG intake guidelines. (posted on the LVAG website) 
  • First come, first to reserve – to get on the calendar book asap! (must have one weeks notice)
  • Time: TBD. Break Down time TBD. (must clean up afterwards)
  • Artists are urged to promote their show, bring business cards, and social media. (all promotional materials must be pre approved prior to acceptance
  • Artists are responsible for inventory, sales inventory, labels and tags of their work. 
  • Family-friendly content only. (no nudity, politics, religion)
  • Artist is responsible for their show, NOT the gallery attendant.
  • LVAG is NOT responsible for any prior, during, or post damage to the Pop-Up artist’s inventory. 
  • Artist Is responsible for any damage caused to the LVAG Gallery infrastructures, including the art of other artists’ work inside the gallery.
  • All advertising and public promotion must be preapproved before publication.
  • Location of Pop-Up is TBD and approved prior to the installation.
  • Artist is not to impede upon any other artist’s work. No exceptions.
  • Artists are not to use the top of any existing countertops or desks.
  • Artists may use one folding chair, one 4′ folding table and black tablecloth. (black tablecloth is mandatory and available on site)
  • Artist assumes all responsibility for their pop-up 100%. The LVAG is not responsible for any loss, damage or items left behind. 
  • All CDC COVID-19 guidelines must be followed. Masks are required. 
  • Load in entry is at the back, upper level between Kohl’s and Dillard’s. There are freight doors there, follow Kohl’s arrows out into the mall: left, LVAG on the left. 

Please reach out to with any questions.

    Pop-Up Artist Application Form

    Please upload 3 images of your current artwork (all files must be under 4MB, png or jpg)(required)

    Pop-Up Artist must agree to LVAG gallery intake and sales terms.
    I agree to all LVAG Gallery Intake Guidelines and Sales.

    Will there be additional people on your team?

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