Featured Artist Mike Davies

Featured Artist Bio

Award winning artist Mike B. Davies is truly a triple threat, with amazing skills in sculpture, painting and drawing/printmaking.  Displaying many styles in each discipline, his subject matter is as diverse as his talents. With examples in his painting such as animal and human portraiture, land and seascape, along with abstract works and design. His sculptural works include wood, metal and polymer clay. He often employs movement by way of electric motors and built in lighting in many pieces.

Though very serious about his work he doesn’t hesitate to incorporate his sense of humor into many of his pieces often hidden in the fine details. Mike’s work lends itself to a long look in order to discover these details. 

Mike is an artist to watch and keep up with in his journey in the art world.

Artist’s Statement: Mike B. Davies

The method and procedure I choose to work in is very much like a working musician. I produce my work in series of about 9 – 10 pieces in a theme, very much like producing an album, maybe a few single unrelated works, before the next “album” gets started.  The next step is promotion and showing to get the previous projects out in the public to sell or just get feedback. Like any artist I enjoy having my work perform.

Improvisation is a mainstay of my creative process, starting a project on what could be a thin concept or idea for an image, studying my own progress and letting the idea grow into a personality.

I will often choose to do an experimental piece to determine my next direction. Whether it be paintings, in one of my many styles, sculptural works, drawing or printmaking? The bottom line is I will not be categorized or pidgin holed into any form or style just to have name recognition.  Usually having many projects in the works at a time in different mediums and styles. A top priority for me as an artist is progress. My series work is always striving to form into whatever vision I maybe harboring from one day to the next. My vision changes, my work changes.

Being self-taught has given me the opportunity and the freedom to believe that I can produce anything, if I teach myself the method.  

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