Featured Artist Lin Berger

Lin Berger – Chapter 3 Bead Embroidery

Growing up in NYC, the first daughter of working parents, I spent my weekdays with my grandparents exploring parks, museums, shops, zoos, and playgrounds, traveling by bus and subway everywhere. I still can’t get enough of it and return often to visit my muses – Van Gogh and Monet.

My Manhattan grandma arrived at Ellis Island from eastern Europe to marry a man with big dreams and few skills. Grandma’s sewing talents were impeccable, and ultimately as a seamstress she raised and supported two daughters. When each daughter married, she rewarded herself with lovely elaborate treasures which she used to adorn herself. My years spent with her filled me with love for finer embroidery and gems, while teaching me the art of sewing. In my twenties I learned to make French wire beaded flowers, inspired by the swan-filled bouquet which graced a prominent spot in her home, and it now occupies such a place in my own home.

Forty-plus years and countless sewing and embroidery pieces later, I hung up my accountant’s shade and found my greatest pleasure in creating art using both beads and needles. I am inspired by my years as a gardener and nature’s bounty. When I left my beautiful, lush eastern gardens behind to move to Nevada, I promised to memorialize them in my next Chapter. You will find them in my Chapter 3 jewelry, tapestries, and accessories.

Artist’s Statement

Jewelry should enhance the wearer and bring joy in its beauty and comfort. Inspired by nature and life experiences, my art recreates and gives substance to my memories and imagination.

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