April / May Featured Artist: Ken Flanagan

Featured Artist Ken Flanagan
Ken Flanagan is a self taught Artist living in Las Vegas. After spending many years raising his children, Ken’s desire to create Art blossomed. He very quickly honed the talent he had as a young boy in New York. Finding his penchant for acrylic paint he initially decided to meld his love of sports and art. The first set of what came to be his “iconography” series, we’re sports icon portraits with a twist. The portraits were done in black + white with a small overlay of color. The b+w portions represented the Public image of the athlete and the Color section showed their humanity. This “iconography” set turned into two more series….the second being Kens favorite Artists and the third is a more general series of well known icons. Ken also paints many other full color portraits including each of his sons, his late sister-in-law, his Fathers Naval service and many others. Ken continues to explore new mediums and has recently created his second sculpture. Please visit Ken’s website to view his various works kenflanaganart.com/ facebook.com/kenflanaganart/ kenflanaganart@gmail.com

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March Meet & Greet Featuring Sylvia Aldebol

Featured Artist Meet & Greet Open House with Featured Artist Sylvia Aldebol

Saturday, March 6th, 1pm-4pm

Artist Statement

Nature and love are my greatest inspirations; the inner fire that creates balance, unity, and peacefulness in every woman. Those emotions are translated with colors and brush strokes that create textures and movements around my paintings. My art is an invitation to introspection, welcoming love to life itself and everything that surrounds us.


Sylvia Aldebol was raised in Puerto Rico surrounded by music and art, which fed her desire to study Fine Arts and graduate with honors at the Inter-American University. There, Sylvia studied painting, photography, sculpture, ceramic, silk-screen and graphic arts. Since then, painting and graphic design have been part of her everyday life by creating works of art for various companies and for private collections, mastering her talent with acrylic painting.

After moving to San Diego California in 2011, Sylvia started SA Art & Design with the purpose of connecting to art lovers through her website and social media. Now living in Henderson Nevada, she has found many diverse artistic groups, such as Las Vegas Art Guild, Boulder City Art Guild and The City Lights Art Gallery that encourage artistic development to their members.

Sylvia’s greatest inspiration is nature and love; the inner fire that creates balance, unity, and peacefulness in every woman. Those emotions are translated with bright colors and brush strokes that create textures and movements around her paintings. It is an invitation to self-introspection, welcoming love to life itself and everything that surrounds us.

She hopes her visions of beauty, color and movement are of your enjoyment.

To enjoy more of Sylvia’s art work visit:

And her Etsy shop at:

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January Featured Artist: Jarrod Ames

Artist Statement

I use the phrase Finding Inspiration in my logo and in my newsletters. It is what drives me to always go out, battle the elements and wait patiently for those special moments to capture. So that I may inspire you to go out and see this beautiful world of ours! 

Featured Artist – Jarrod Ames

“Finding Inspiration“

This is my Motto: 

This is what drives me. I have a constant hunger to venture out, battling the elements and waiting patiently to capture these special moments. I do this so that I may inspire people to go out, go see this beautiful of ours.

Bio –  I have lived in Las Vegas all my life, however, it wasn’t until 2012 that I really discovered my passion for photography. I grew up loving to draw and I always had a sketch pad nearby. I had always wanted to be an animator or computer animator for movies. In 2012, I had a very tough year personally and professionally. My grandmother, my best friend growing up, passed away and it was difficult to lose such an inspiration in my life. My work passed me over for a promotion that I had worked so hard for and gave it to someone that had very little experience. Yet, out of this and some other hardships that year, I re found my interest in photography. I bought my first DSLR and I never looked back! By the next year I was using more professional gear, doing portraits and some weddings. But my love of landscape photography is what really kept and still keeps me going every day. I love being out in nature, seeing fleeting moments in time and capturing those moments. This is what drives me to wake up hours before the sunrise, sacrifice sleep and drive for miles to see something that most people are missing in life. So now I travel all over the American southwest and other places to see this beautiful world that we live in and try to photograph it, the way I see it.

Instagram: jarrodamesphoto
Facebook: Jarrod Ames
Website:  jarrodamesphotgraphy.com 
Phone:  (702)-768-4788

Photography is truly magical; Often times the artist travels across treacherous terrain, in grueling weather battling the elements, waiting, watching, for the perfect lighting. All to bring us these beautiful moments captured for a lifetime of pleasure. The Las Vegas Artists’ Guild is very proud to present, Artist: Jarrod Ames as the current Featured Artist. Jarrod is also a very important member that volunteers in the LVAG Gallery, we are all very grateful for his dedication and efforts, to help highlight the members of this organization. 

LVAG is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) MOTTO: “Artists Helping Artists”, Serving the Southern Nevada Area, Since 1996 LVAG Gallery is located inside the Galleria at Sunset

LVAG Gallery: 1300 W. Sunset Rd. Suite 2109 Henderson, NV 89014 (702)-616-3351 

The LVAG is a non-profit organization 501 (c)(3) established in 1996. 

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December Featured Artist: Faye Tracy

December Featured Artist Faye Tracy

Artist Statement – Faye Tracy

I started painting at a very young age, it is embedded in my whole life. I only paint in Oils, they give me freedom and I can manipulate them with ease. I find inspiration in children, animals, and the memories of America’s past. My hope is that a person finds as much joy in my paintings when they see them, as I do creating them.

More about Faye Tracy and her artwork can be found at:

Email: fayetracy1@hotmail.com

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