January Featured Artist: Jarrod Ames

Artist Statement

I use the phrase Finding Inspiration in my logo and in my newsletters. It is what drives me to always go out, battle the elements and wait patiently for those special moments to capture. So that I may inspire you to go out and see this beautiful world of ours! 

Featured Artist – Jarrod Ames

“Finding Inspiration“

This is my Motto: 

This is what drives me. I have a constant hunger to venture out, battling the elements and waiting patiently to capture these special moments. I do this so that I may inspire people to go out, go see this beautiful of ours.

Bio –  I have lived in Las Vegas all my life, however, it wasn’t until 2012 that I really discovered my passion for photography. I grew up loving to draw and I always had a sketch pad nearby. I had always wanted to be an animator or computer animator for movies. In 2012, I had a very tough year personally and professionally. My grandmother, my best friend growing up, passed away and it was difficult to lose such an inspiration in my life. My work passed me over for a promotion that I had worked so hard for and gave it to someone that had very little experience. Yet, out of this and some other hardships that year, I re found my interest in photography. I bought my first DSLR and I never looked back! By the next year I was using more professional gear, doing portraits and some weddings. But my love of landscape photography is what really kept and still keeps me going every day. I love being out in nature, seeing fleeting moments in time and capturing those moments. This is what drives me to wake up hours before the sunrise, sacrifice sleep and drive for miles to see something that most people are missing in life. So now I travel all over the American southwest and other places to see this beautiful world that we live in and try to photograph it, the way I see it.

Instagram: jarrodamesphoto
Facebook: Jarrod Ames
Website:  jarrodamesphotgraphy.com 
Phone:  (702)-768-4788

Photography is truly magical; Often times the artist travels across treacherous terrain, in grueling weather battling the elements, waiting, watching, for the perfect lighting. All to bring us these beautiful moments captured for a lifetime of pleasure. The Las Vegas Artists’ Guild is very proud to present, Artist: Jarrod Ames as the current Featured Artist. Jarrod is also a very important member that volunteers in the LVAG Gallery, we are all very grateful for his dedication and efforts, to help highlight the members of this organization. 

LVAG is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) MOTTO: “Artists Helping Artists”, Serving the Southern Nevada Area, Since 1996 LVAG Gallery is located inside the Galleria at Sunset

LVAG Gallery: 1300 W. Sunset Rd. Suite 2109 Henderson, NV 89014 (702)-616-3351 

The LVAG is a non-profit organization 501 (c)(3) established in 1996. 

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December Featured Artist: Faye Tracy

December Featured Artist Faye Tracy

Artist Statement – Faye Tracy

I started painting at a very young age, it is embedded in my whole life. I only paint in Oils, they give me freedom and I can manipulate them with ease. I find inspiration in children, animals, and the memories of America’s past. My hope is that a person finds as much joy in my paintings when they see them, as I do creating them.

More about Faye Tracy and her artwork can be found at:

Email: fayetracy1@hotmail.com

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September Featured Artist: Bryan Bolosan

Featured Artist Bryan Bolosan

Artist Statement

Perception versus reality. These are life’s principle questions that I seek to explore and answer in my art. Capturing a fleeting thought and or inner emotion and painting them on canvas for the viewer to step-back, reflect, and find within themselves either the answers to their own questions or to stir an emotion they have yet to discover. As an artist, I work in many mediums, from watercolors to oils, but its acrylic with its bright colors and subtle hues that allows me to achieve the emotion I seek to express. Using only three to four colors at a time, I am able to alter the hues to create greater ranges of depth and dimension. The result is a quiet and impactful rhythm that ranges from a gentle heartbeat to a powerful thunderstorm. Accompany me on my journey of exploring life’s mysteries and conflicts and perhaps together we’ll find the answers all seek.

Featured Artist – Bryan Bolosan

The Las Vegas Artists’ Guild Invites you to enjoy the kick off of the Fall Season with great creative delights, created by Southern Nevada Artists. After ingesting all the fantastic creations ( Fine Art Paintings, Handmade Fine Jewelry, Ceramics, Glass Art, Assemblage, and so much more): The LVAG is very excited to introduce you to our Featured Artist:

Bryan Bolosan. Abstract Expressionist.

Bryan is a Self Taught Artist, he uses several mediums; however, Acrylic Painting is his current medium of choice. Bryan seeks in captivating the viewer’s inner feelings about the piece the are intimate with. Planned out colors and brush strokes entrap the viewer not just into the canvas, but also into a look of the inner soul. Making that human connection with the artist’s piece.

Perception versus Reality. There are life’s principle questions that I seek to explore and answer
in my art.

— Bryan Bolosan

More about Bryan Bolosan and his artwork can be found on Bryan’s website: bryanbolosanart.com and e-mail at: bryan.bolosan@gmail.com

An Artist Meet and Greet Open House is scheduled for Bryan: Sunday, October 18th between 12pm to 5pm.

The LVAG has taken great strides to elevate and welcome both emerging and re-emerging artists in the Southern Nevada Art Community. We are so proud to have come this far, with our hearts deeply involved in all forms of art. The LVAG looks forward, to moving forward with all of our members.

The LVAG Thanks You, for your continuous support of Local Art and Culture in Southern Nevada Area, for the past 24 years.

This show runs from: September 16th, Through to November 1st 2020, Inside the LVAG Gallery,
inside The Galleria Mall at Sunset. Hours: M-S 11am to 7pm and Sundays 12-6pm

The LVAG continues to follow CDC and State C-19 Guidelines and must be followed. 


LVAG is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) MOTTO: “Artists Helping Artists”, Serving the Southern Nevada Area, Since 1996 LVAG Gallery is located inside the Galleria at Sunset


LVAG Gallery: 1300 W. Sunset Rd. Suite 2109 Henderson, NV 89014 (702)-616-3351 

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