Aug-Oct Featured Artist: Tracy French

Featured Artist Tracy French

Featured Artist Bio

Tracy French is a Las Vegas based artist working from her home studio. As a self-taught artist, Tracy has developed her personal style through experimentation. Each element of her work has slowly evolved to represent some aspect of our shared experience.
The tangled lines of writing layered into her work remind us of everything left unsaid. Feelings too complicated to speak aloud. The fibers pull on the connections between us. Her portraits communicate strength and vulnerability, honesty and deception. Her work aims to reveal the vibration underlying our interactions; the resonance of our defenses. 
Tracy experiments with a variety of mediums, but returns most often to watercolor, ink, fiber, and found objects. Her ideas begin first as a feeling and are often connected to literature, music, or poetry. Above all she is inspired by the unspoken and unknowable that lies within each of us.
Find more of Tracy’s work online @feralspiritart

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