Aug-Oct Featured Artist: Tracy French

Featured Artist Tracy French

Featured Artist Bio

Tracy French is a Las Vegas based artist working from her home studio. As a self-taught artist, Tracy has developed her personal style through experimentation. Each element of her work has slowly evolved to represent some aspect of our shared experience.
The tangled lines of writing layered into her work remind us of everything left unsaid. Feelings too complicated to speak aloud. The fibers pull on the connections between us. Her portraits communicate strength and vulnerability, honesty and deception. Her work aims to reveal the vibration underlying our interactions; the resonance of our defenses. 
Tracy experiments with a variety of mediums, but returns most often to watercolor, ink, fiber, and found objects. Her ideas begin first as a feeling and are often connected to literature, music, or poetry. Above all she is inspired by the unspoken and unknowable that lies within each of us.
Find more of Tracy’s work online @feralspiritart

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Call 4 Art: LVAG Gallery Exhibition

LVAG November Open Call For Art

We are now accepting inventory forms from active members for the gallery exhibition running from December 7th through January 22nd!

Below are instructions on how to prepare your art, submit necessary forms and bring in your work to display in the LVAG gallery.

1. Ensure your artwork follows gallery standards

Download our updated Intake Rules and Guidelines and ensure your work is ready to hang following our gallery guidelines. Exhibition display fees are in the guidelines PDFs.

Make sure to set up Artwork ID Tags on each of your pieces.

Jewelry intake guidelines are available for download here.

2. Fill out and submit your inventory forms by the due date

Download and fill out the Inventory FormSee our Sample Inventory Form for an example of how the sheet should be filled out. Be sure to save your file before you send itIf you do not save your file first, the form will be blank and your inventory will not appear. 

Submit completed forms to the LVAG Intake team at

All inventory forms must be submitted by November 29, 2021.

3. Pay to Stay

If you are paying to stay, you’ll need to fill out a new and current inventory form no later than November 29, 2021, and submit to the LVAG Intake team at

You can easily make a payment by simply clicking the Pay to Stay link below.

Questions? Contact Us!

Intake Questions: Contact Intake Team at

Jewelry Questions: Contact Priscilla Rogers, Jewelry Coordinator, at

Please review intake rules and guidelines and have all paperwork completed prior to your arrival. All forms and guidelines can be found below under “Form Downloads.”

If you do not have ready to hang/exhibition piece (s) and completed paperwork, your entry may be rejected. It’s very important to have your paperwork & artwork ready!

Important Dates

Entry Due Date: November 29, 2021
Gallery Intake: December 5, 2021
Exhibition Dates: December 7 2021 – January 22, 2022

Gallery Location

LVAG Gallery (in the Galleria at Sunset)
1300 W. Sunset Rd. Suite 2109
Henderson, NV 89014

Be Our Featured Artist

The LVAG Gallery exhibits a Featured Artist during each Gallery Exhibition. All current members are welcome to apply

Volunteer at the Gallery

The LVAG Gallery is 100% operated by volunteers. We need everyone’s participation to keep the Gallery open during regular mall hours. Trained volunteers may bring in and sell extra artwork while volunteering at the gallery with no gallery commission fees!

Pay To Stay

Click the PayPal button below to pay to keep your current work in the gallery. Check the intake guidelines for the 2021 “volunteer” and “non-volunteer” gallery fees. 


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