August Members’ Show

The LVAG is happy to announce the opening of the August Members’ Show. Come by the LVAG Gallery on the second level of the Galleria at Sunset during regular Mall hours and view the amazing work of our local artists.

For your protection and safety the following guidelines must be followed:
  • Masks/face coverings are required. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • 6 foot Social Distancing while in the gallery.
  • If you have been exposed to COVID 19 or have any symptoms, please stay home and seek medical attention.

This month’s featured artist is Nicole Cochener, a long-time member of the LVAG.

Nicole will be available on Saturday, August 29th for a meet and greet with the artist. A limited number of guests will be allowed at one time, so please contact Nicole at 510-280-4901 and reserve your time. She’ll see you there.

About Nicole’s Art

In my art, I aim to blur the distinction between man-made and nature by combing recycled papers like newspaper, maps, tissue and sheet music with acrylic paint and other media to make paintings of the natural world. Each of my mixed media pieces are meant to be viewed on two levels. From across the room the finished image can be seen, but on closer inspection the many layers of hidden detail emerge. A simple rock becomes a map that reminds you of home. A flower petal is a sheet of music playing your favorite song. I create images of nature by recycling fragments of our modern disposable culture into the painting. On the surface my work is serene and peaceful, but the layers beneath show the chaos of our modern lives.

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