Summer Special: Gallery Exhibition August 14th to September 29th  

LVAG Gallery
Galleria at Sunset, 1300 W Sunset Rd, Ste. 2109, Henderson, NV 89014
 Second Floor next to Dillard’s

Artwork Drop off, Pick up: August 12th and 13th, 10am to 8pm

Summer Special: Gallery Exhibition August 14th to September 29th  

Galleria Gallery Art Intake

You must be a LVAG member to show in the Galleria Gallery

Art must be ready to hang with D-rings and wire. No exceptions. No glass over 24”.

Prints will be accepted matted, backed and in sleeves.  5 prints at no charge for each paid hung artwork or $1.00 each. No charge for greeting cards. Maximum number of greeting cards per artist is 30.

Limit of 6 pieces of hung artwork per artist.

Artwork must be family friendly (No nudity) and non-political per the Galleria at Sunset.
No glass over 16” x 20”

EXHIBITION DISPLAY FEE: Based on the size of your artwork (including the frame) measured horizontally.

  • Up to 12” is $10.00
  • 13” to 20” is $20.00
  • 21” to 34” is $30.00
  • 35” to 48” is $40.00
  • 49” to 60” is $50.00


  • Small case, half shelf (approximately 22 inches) is $20.00
  • Large case, half shelf (approximately 32 inches) is $30.00
  • First come, first served bases till the cases are full



  • Up to 6” is $5.00 per piece
  • 7” to 12” is $7.50 per piece
  • 13” to 24” is $10.00 per piece
  • Over 24”, please call for price
  • One 3D item is half price for each paid hung artwork.


  • 20% (10% to Gallery and 10% to the person who makes the sale)
    Yes, YOU make a 10% sales commission for selling others artwork in the gallery!
  • No commission is charged on items under $50.00



“Pay to Stay”. If you would like to leave your June/July artwork through September29 th, Please deliver your Completed Inventory and Release of Liability forms by 8:oo PM, August 13th. Jewelry case space is available on a ‘First come, first served basis. Artists that currently have case space, have the option to ‘Pay to Stay’ prior to Aug. 12th.

Artwork left after 5 days will be charged a $5.00 a day storage fee and will become the property of the Las Vegas Artist Guild after 30 days.

Payments for sales of the artwork will be made within 30 days of the sale or sooner.  If you wish to have your check made out differently than your name (business name or aka) please indicate that on the intake form.

When an artwork sells, the artist may bring in another piece that is the same size to replace it.

Please bring your business cards and brief bio.

Gallery Attendants are encouraged to bring in extra artwork to sell while attending the Gallery. This is a great opportunity to sell your artwork with no fees and no commissions.   Sign up to volunteer today!


Artist Check List


  1. Completed Inventory sheet.


  1. Completed Artwork ID Tags: Attach a copy to your artwork
    AND bring a copy so we can make the Gallery Card. No need to cut out the tag. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY.


  1. Release of Liability form.


Please sign up to volunteer at the Gallery. We need everyone’s participation to keep the Gallery open during regular mall hours. Without your participation we cannot keep the Gallery. Please contact Lynne Adamsom Adrian at 702-686-4010 to sign up.


Any questions or concerns are to be directed to Jeffrey Oldham at or by text at 702-460-9691.  You may also leave a message on the LVAG phone at 702-831-3765.

Thank you for your support and participation!!