Our Motto – “Artists Helping Artists”

Mission Statement

The Vegas Artists’ Guild is an organization of artists whose primary purpose is to bring talented, established and emerging artists in the Las Vegas area to public attention. Local, amateur and professional artists (at least 18 years of age) of the Vegas Artists’ Guild reach these goals through meetings, workshops, demonstrations, art shows and networking.


The Las Vegas Artists’ Guild was founded in 1996 by a group of local Las Vegas artists led by Andre Mouton. Throughout the rich history of the LVAG, we have had a number of leaders in our art community as both board members and participants in the Guild.

LVAG 2022 Board of Directors

President, Sylvia Aldebol
(619) 717-9067, sylvia.lvag@gmail.com

1st Vice President, Priscilla Rogers
(702) 677-7567, lvagjewelry@gmail.com

2nd Vice President, Lin Berger
(203) 952-9660, lvag2ndvp@gmail.com

Treasurer, Jane Worrell
(702) 274-5858, lvagtreasurer@gmail.com

Secretary, Lin Pacific
(702) 761-9391, lvagsecretary@gmail.com